This is a log of all changes made to this website since 11/11/2011 (and any changes previous to that whose date can be ascertained). It also contains any other random stuff I need to report.

2/6/2018: Removed the song "Timetabled". Changed the name of the changelog back to the changelog.
27/5/2018: Removed the poem "Feel the Fear" and edited the poem "Forpton".
19/5/2018: Removed the poems "Marble Palace" and "Too Easily Threatened".
18/5/2018: Removed the links page.
12/5/2018: Removed some Buddhist stuff which it was inappropriate to share on the website.
11/5/2018: Corrected some mistakes in the Six Perfections essay, removed the poem "Rock and Roll" and edited the poem "Governed From Inside Everyone".
19/3/2018: Released Snowfall version 1.1. Some idiot forgot the license notices in the code files, missed out one of the script files and missed out a significant point in the optinst documentation.
15/3/2018: Re-introduced the Buddhism to the website.
14/3/2018: Released Snowfall, a collection of the trivial Perl and shell scripts used to create this website.
1/3/2018: Re-arranged the order of the songs on the music page.
20/2/2018: Improved the instructions for how to play the recordings on the music page. Also since the last entry I have cleaned up the poetry a bit.
14/2/2018: Re-introduced the songs "The Best Surprise Ever" and "The Telephone Man" to the website after their brief absence. Added lyrics for "You Know Who You Are", which were missing for some reason.
13/2/2018: Well, it was nearly a month. Removed some unnecessary links and inappropriate content.
21/1/2018: There will be no further updates to this website for one month.
17/1/2018: Added most of the poetry from the 2000 - 2002 era.
11/1/2018: Changed the background colour of the music page to black.
9/1/2018: Posted Nothing on the poems page.
6/1/2018: Changed the name of the changelog page to the news page.
4/1/2018: Added lyrics for all songs to the music page.
15/5/2017: Released version 0.2 of False Hamster. Most of the changes are the result of moving from R5RS to R6RS. See the False Hamster changelog for details.
5/5/2017: Added the poems "Leaf in the Wind", "Quest" and "Whisper".
20/5/2016: Added a software page with misc-utils and timmatch. Altered license notices which referred to "all material on this website" so that they refer to more specific things; this is because the software is under a different license to the other stuff on the website. Removed some unnecessary links to the ChangeLog from the music and poems pages.
16/2/2016: Added a score for "Reasons to be Cheerful".
16/9/2015: Added 3 poems: "Don't Kill Mornings", "Interrupting" and "I Was Wrong".
13/8/2015: Added recordings of "Life Force", "Sixteen", "No Way Out" and "You're Not Listening".
14/5/2015: Added a recording of "Everyone Else Can Do It So Why Can't I?".
19/8/2014: Added the poem "At Your Feet".
12/8/2014: Added the poem "Sailing".
9/1/2014: Added a score for Everdawn.
12/8/2013: Added links page.
23/7/2012: Added chords to the scores for "I've Got A Heart" and "For What It's Worth".
21/4/2012: Added a poetry page with 7 poems (Command Router, Infinity, In My Hut, No Magic, Perpetual Emotion, Personal Satellite and Up Here) and created a new home page with links to all the other pages.
11/11/2011: Added scores for "I've Got A Heart" and the first half of "For What It's Worth". Created this ChangeLog.
8/7/2011: Corrected some notes in the "Signs of Life" score which were in the wrong octave.
31/3/2011: Changed links to to, removed the play_ogg_small.png button from the bottom and replaced it with HTML taken from's button page which links to their "web button".
30/12/2008: Site created