This is a log of all changes made to this website since 11/11/2011 (and any changes previous to that whose date can be ascertained)

15/5/2017: Released version 0.2 of False Hamster. Most of the changes are the result of moving from R5RS to R6RS. See the False Hamster changelog for details.
5/5/2017: Added the poems "Leaf in the Wind", "Quest" and "Whisper".
20/5/2016: Added a software page with misc-utils and timmatch. Altered license notices which referred to "all material on this website" so that they refer to more specific things; this is because the software is under a different license to the other stuff on the website. Removed some unnecessary links to the ChangeLog from the music and poems pages.
16/2/2016: Added a score for "Reasons to be Cheerful".
18/1/2016: Added links to Pingus and Action for Happiness.
16/9/2015: Added 3 poems: "Don't Kill Mornings", "Interrupting" and "I Was Wrong".
13/8/2015: Added recordings of "Life Force", "Sixteen", "No Way Out" and "You're Not Listening".
14/5/2015: Added a recording of "Everyone Else Can Do It So Why Can't I?".
24/12/2014: Added links to Schemers, the Positive News and the European Democratic Education Community.
19/8/2014: Added the poem "At Your Feet".
12/8/2014: Added the poem "Sailing".
9/1/2014: Added a score for Everdawn.
12/8/2013: Added links page.
23/7/2012: Added chords to the scores for "I've Got A Heart" and "For What It's Worth".
21/4/2012: Added a poetry page with 7 poems (Command Router, Infinity, In My Hut, No Magic, Perpetual Emotion, Personal Satellite and Up Here) and created a new home page with links to all the other pages.
11/11/2011: Added scores for "I've Got A Heart" and the first half of "For What It's Worth". Created this ChangeLog.
8/7/2011: Corrected some notes in the "Signs of Life" score which were in the wrong octave.
31/3/2011: Changed links to to, removed the play_ogg_small.png button from the bottom and replaced it with HTML taken from's button page which links to their "web button".
30/12/2008: Site created